Shabbat Feb 17th, 2018

Parashah 120
Chazzan – Judah Miles
Torah – Rachel Jones (Num 28:1-29:40)
Haftarah – Rose Jones (Ezek 45:13-20)
 Apostolic – Ezekiel Jones (Heb 9:11-14)
Hagbah – Rick Jones
Guest and Member Care – Partridge/Dreste

Shabbat Jan 27th, 2018

Handout for afternoon study: Theology_Proper-Ruach-123-130

Parashah 117
Chazzan – Tim Hegg
Torah – Josh Meeks (Num 23:1-25:9)
Haftarah – Isaac Gonzales (Is 49:23-26)
Apostolic – Jason Hodge (John 10:27-30)
Hagbah – To be Determinded
Guest and Member Care – Al Authorlee/Jesse Gonzales

Scripture Memory Restart

We are going to restart the scripture memory work and reset the verses back to week 1. Please note a few changes – we are going to do the scripture memory verses at the pace of one per week. Our desire is to make these verses part of our daily and weekly life. The first set of 12 versed are grouped around the basic disciplines of the life of a disciple of Yeshua. It is our intention to seek to do our part in fulfilling the commission that Yeshua gave to His disciple to go and make disciples (Matt 28:18-20). This is the main purpose of our scripture memory project – growing and maturing as disciples of our Messiah who in-turn are making disciples of our King!

Shabbat Jan 20th

Parashah 116
Chazzan – Judah Miles
Torah – Andre’-Philippe Therrien (Num 22:2-40)             
Haftarah – Frank Gonzales (Mic 7:16-20) 
Apostolic – Katie Levans (1Pet 5:5-7)
Hagbah – Ryan Hennigan
Guest and Member Care – Partridge/Dreste

Shabbat Jan 13, 2018

Parashah 115
Chazzan – Dan DeVelde
Torah – Tikvah Meeks (Num 20:14-22:1)
Haftarah – Rachel Jones (Obad 1:1-21)
Apostolic – Abigail Jones (John 3:1-21)
Hagbah – Bill Brooks
Guest and Member Care – DeVelde/Snowden

Dec 29th, 2017

Handout for afternoon session: Theology_Proper-Trinity-95-108
Parashah 113
Chazzan – Tim Hegg
Torah – Buzz Johnson (Num 17:1-18:32)(English)
                                       (Num 17:16-18:32)(Hebrew)
Haftarah – Judy Johnson (Ezek 44:15-28)
Apostolic – Katie Levans (Heb 5:1-6)
Hagbah – Erik Johnson
Guest and Member Care – Al Authorlee/Jesse Gonzales

Shabbat Dec 16th

Handout for afternoon: Dedication
Parashah 111 – Bat Mitzvah!
Chazzan – Dan DeVelde
Torah –  Nadja Partridge (Num 15:1-41)
Haftarah – Chris Partridge (Is 56:1-8)
Apostolic – Wendy Johnson (Gal 3:24-29)
Hagbah – Josh Meeks
Guest and Member Care – DeVelde/Snowden