Week 11


Week – 11

Must Receive Messiah

As we consider how to present the truth of the gospel, how might we relate what it means to "receive Messiah" to another? Our two verses this week, understood in their context, will help equip us to present this aspect of the gospel and also to live by its truth.

Memorization Helper

I continue to encourage community members to submit your ideas and contributions to this discipleship training site. Click below for three different versions of this weeks memory verse. Unzip the compressed file and you will find a PDF, keynote slide show, and a powerpoint presentation that will help you memorize this weeks verses.


Review and Re-engage

How are you all progressing in our scripture memory journey? I’ve gotten a little behind. I hope to get back on track over the next few weeks.



Shabbat Nov 18th

Chazzan – Andre-Philippe
Torah – Jeremy McGinnis (Num 11:1-35)
Haftarah – Missy Subitch (Judg 6:1-16)
Apostolic – Dan Subitch (Matt 6:25-30)
Hagbah – Kit Kroker

Week 10 Memory Verses


Week – 10

Salvation Not by Works

What does it mean to be saved? What are we save from and to? As we consider our two verses for this week, consider how you might use these as starting points in a conversation. Read these verses in their greater context and remember to see how they add to the drawing that appears on the left.

Week 10 Resources

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