Please come to join us at the Shul with the Morning Service beginning at 11:30am.
Call 253-761-9524 to get our address and directions to our meeting place.
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Praise in Song – Song List for this Shabbat (Click to download PDF)

Parashah #37
   • Torah: Genesis 40:1-23
   • Haftarah: Amos 1:3-2:6
   • Apostolic: Matthew 5:1-16
   • Notes for the Parashah – (Click to download) – PDF | Epub | Mobi

 Children’s/Family Activity Handout: “The Shema(Click to download PDF)


(Usually begins at 3:30 pm Pacific Time) –  (Click here to join the online stream)
                [Studying through Daniel – 8:1–14 (this is an updated & corrected file] (Click to download PDF)