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Praise in Song – (Song List for this Shabbat – Click to download PDF)

Parashah 125
   Torah: Numbers 35:9-36:13
   Haftarah: Joshua 20:1-6
   Apostolic: Romans 8:1-8

Notes for the Parashot – Click to download – PDF | ePub | Mobi

Children’s/Family Activity Handout: “Pesach [Passover] Lesson 2” (Click here to download PDF)

AFTERNOON STUDY – [starting at 3:30 pm Pacific Time] (Click this Link to Join the Afternoon Session)
                “Who Is Israel?”
What is Replacement Theology? (Click here for PDF handout)
“An Assessment of the ‘Divine Invitation’ Teaching” (Click here to download PDF)
Inheritance in the Land in Ezekiel (Click here for PDF handout)
Our Ultimate Identity: “In Messiah” –
(Click here for PDF handout)