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Psalm 119:11


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Scripture Memory Restart

By Gary Springer | January 25, 2018

We are going to restart the scripture memory work and reset the verses back to week 1. Please note a few changes – we are going to do the scripture memory verses at the pace of one per week. Our desire is to make these verses part of our daily and weekly life. The first … Read more

Week 11

By Gary Springer | November 25, 2017

Week – 11 Must Receive Messiah As we consider how to present the truth of the gospel, how might we relate what it means to “receive Messiah” to another? Our two verses this week, understood in their context, will help equip us to present this aspect of the gospel and also to live by its … Read more

Review and Re-engage

By Gary Springer | November 20, 2017

How are you all progressing in our scripture memory journey? I’ve gotten a little behind. I hope to get back on track over the next few weeks. Shalom, Gary