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Psalm 119:11


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Week 9

By Gary Springer | October 23, 2017

Week – 9 Messiah Paid the Penalty Our training this week continues to build the picture of one type of presentation of the Messiah and His good news. The first four verses were more like bad news – “All have Sinned” and “Sin’s Penalty.” Now we look at what the Messiah would have to pay … Read more

Sukkot Break

By Gary Springer | September 25, 2017

Review and Recap As we entered the fall holiday season, I want to slow down our memory project and reflect and review during these next few weeks. As you are gathered together with friends and family, may you find ways to keep these words of God on your lips. I am going to be posting … Read more

Week 8

By Gary Springer | September 20, 2017

Week – 8 Messiah Paid the Price When considering how to tell those in the world about our Messiah, what important questions might we ask first? Will they understand who God is? Will they understand His promises to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob? Will they understand their condition apart from Messiah? Week 7 verses tells of … Read more