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Shabbat Readers

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Shabbat Feb 17th, 2018

Parashah 120 Chazzan РJudah Miles Torah РRachel Jones (Num 28:1-29:40) Haftarah РRose Jones (Ezek 45:13-20)  Apostolic РEzekiel Jones (Heb 9:11-14) Hagbah РRick Jones Guest and Member Care РPartridge/Dreste
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Shabbat Schedule Feb 3rd, 2018

Handout for afternoon session: SpiritualityVsNC Parashah 118 Chazzan – Gary Springer Torah – Noah Lebowitz (Num 25:10-26:51) Haftarah – Alex Levans (Mal 2:1-9) Apostolic – Nate DeVelde (John 3:31-36) Hagbah – Kit Kroker
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Shabbat Jan 27th, 2018

Handout for afternoon study: Theology_Proper-Ruach-123-130 Parashah 117 Chazzan – Tim Hegg Torah – Josh Meeks (Num 23:1-25:9) Haftarah – Isaac Gonzales (Is 49:23-26) Apostolic – Jason Hodge (John 10:27-30) Hagbah – To be Determinded Guest and Member Care – Al Authorlee/Jesse Gonzales
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