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Join us as we write God's words on our hearts and seek to share together rich truths found in the Bible

Shabbat Readers

Find the current week's Torah portions, any handouts for the afternoont studies, and see the schedule for readers for the Beit Hallel Shabbat services.

Shabbat June 23rd

Afternoon study: Eph5.18-Shabbat-Afternoon-2 Parashah 137 Chazzan – Dan DeVelde Torah – Andre’-Philippe Therrien (Deut 15:7-16:12) Haftarah – Maya Gonzales (Is 61:1-3) Apostolic – Michaela Gonzales (1 Cor 5:7-8) Hagbah – Isaac Gonzales Guest and member care – Partridge/Snowden Children’s scripture memory activity – Hodge Family (Hebrews 10:24-25) Online Viewers Visiting with us this week: Lois Morgan ... Read more
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Shabbat Jun 16th

Handout for afternoon study: 1Cor14.15-Eph5.18-Shabbat-Afternoon-1 Parashah 136 Chazzan – Gary Springer Torah – TDB (Deut 12:20-15:6) Haftarah – Bill Brooks (Is 54:2-8) Apostolic – Nadja Partridge (Col 3:5-11) Hagbah – TBD Guest and member care – Meeks/Miles
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9th and 10th Verses

Fellowship Schedule: Jun 10th-16th – 9th Verse – Matthew 18:20Jun 17th-23rd – 10th Verse –  Hebrew 10:24-25 The Bible is filled with narratives of God’s dealings with groups of people. It begins with Adam and Eve who were commanded to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth. God’s Promise to Abraham was to make his ... Read more
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