Our verses today are packed with rich themes. It tells us about good news, life-giving reproof, discipline, the fear of the LORD, honor and humility. As we hear these words, what effect should they have on our lives? How can they become more a part of how we think, feel, hope, act, and believe? If we are hearing them as God intends, they will help define who we are as part of His family.

Paul reminds us that the gospel (good news) is the power of God that brings about salvation. Our first verse in today’s lesson expresses a general life observation. People who have good news to tell to others usually do so with positive and cheerful dispositions. Sometimes when we receive good news it makes us feels different. Depending on how sad, worried, or anxious we were before hearing it we might feel excitement, warmth, cheer, joy, or ecstasy. It is important to see that God’s good news is complete. It brings us joy and peace in this life and in the life to come. We understand how good the news is as we understand how bad the bad news is. Because of our sin we were dead. In the gospel, we learn what it means to be truly alive.