Discipleship Corner

Yeshua said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

Join us in a multi-part study through the wise sayings of Yeshua. The material will be presented in 8 week blocks. Each study will provide resources to help you study the sayings of our King Messiah and seek to apply them in your own life, connect with another, and discuss His wisdom in a group or family setting.


Start Here – Introduction Lesson and Sample Family Handout

Download Lesson Here 01Dr

#1–Physician Heal Yourself (Saying)

Download Lesson Here 02home

#2–Prophet No Hometown Honor (Saying)

Download Lesson Here Surprised doctor pointing up against white background

#3–Who Needs a Doctor? (Saying)

Download Lesson Here morning view of the grape in vineyards at sunshine

#4–Wineskin Patching (Similitude)

Download Lesson Here Two green leaves and sea salt in wooden bowl on bamboo mat

#5–Tasteless Salt (Similitude)

Download Lesson Here Countryside Camping with Scenic City View Down the Valley. Illuminated Cityscape at Night and the Camper with Illuminated Tent. Countryside Getaway.

# 6 Light of the World (Similitude)

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Review of 1st Set of Six Sayings

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