We are having trouble streaming the Video again this week. We are working on it, but we
might have Audio Only again this week for the Morning Service. We are committed to getting
the Video Stream working again and will do all in our power to have the problem fixed!

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Praise in Song – (click to download pdf of songs & the Psalm for this Shabbat)

Parashot 97 for this Shabbat (triennial cycle)
Torah: Numbers 1:1–2:13
Haftarah: Ezekiel 47:13–23
Apostolic: Luke 15:1–7
Notes on this week’s Parashot (click to download):  PDF | ePub  |  Mobi
Verses on the Eternal, Divine Nature of Yeshua (click to download pdf)
“Thoughts on Luke 15:1–7” (click to download PDF)

Children’s/Family Activity Handout: “The Ten Words–Word #10” (click to download PDF)

AFTERNOON STUDY – 3:30 pm Pacific Time
“What Does It Mean to be Filled with the Spirit?” – Handout: afternoon study: (click to download PDF)
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Link to the Shabbat Online DropBox folder where recordings of the Shabbat Morning and Afternoon sessions and Festival (Moedim) teachings can be downloaded Click this Link to access the DropBox