• Final Day of Passover •

Please come to join us at the Shul to welcome in the Final Day of Passover.
We will be celebrating the Final Day on Sunday evening April 28, beginning at 5:00pm,
with a Potluck Dinner (everyone brings food to share), followed by a time
of open sharing to express how this Festival of Pesach has been a
time of encouragement in our walk with the Lord.
[The 7th day of Passover begins at sunset on April 28]

To join the after-dinner on-line discussion [most likely around 6:00pm], CLICK HERE
[Note: FireFox or Google Chrome work best as the browser to join.]


• Blessings for Counting the Omer – (Click to download) – PDF
• A Verse-a-Day for Counting the Omer – (Click to download) – PDF
• Passover Haggadah – (Click to download) – PDF