We’re meeting at the Shul at 11:30am.
We will have the morning service for Passover, Day 1
and after the service, we’ll eat lunch together.
(Everyone brings their own lunch.)

To Join us online for this Pesach Service at 11:30am Pacific time
(streaming begins earlier), CLICK HERE

• Praise in Song – Song List for Pesach Day 1 (Click to download) – PDF

• Parashot for Day 1 of Passover:

   • Torah: Exodus 12:21–51 | Numbers 28:16–25
   • Haftarah: Joshua 5:2–6:1
   • Apostolic: Luke 22:1–27
   • Notes, “Pesach/Passover” – (Click to Download) – PDF
   • Notes, “Messiah Our Pesach Has also Been Sacrificed” –PDF
• Blessings for Counting the Omer – Click to download) – PDF
   • A Verse-a-Day for Counting the Omer – (Click to download) – PDF


Our next meeting together at the Shul will be this Shabbat (Shabbat Pesach)
April 27 (Nisan 19), [beginning as usual] at 11:30am.
We will have our Shabbat Service as usual, incorporating
the Biblical Readings for Shabbat Pesach .
We will celebrate the final day of Pesach by meeting for Dinner
the afternoon of April 28 (Sunday, Nisan 20) at 5:00pm for
potluck Dinner. Following Dinner we will have a time of sharing
regarding the blessings & insights we have received from this year’s celebration of Pesach.